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Heartbleed Headaches: Tips, Thoughts, and the What Now?

Posted By OSHEAN Web team, Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Updated: Wednesday, April 16, 2014

News about the heartbleed bug spread rapidly--although, as is often the case, no such news can ever come soon enough. Nothing quite addressed my early questions about the Heartbleed bug like Randall Monroe's most recent comic in XKCD:

Heartbleed Explanation

But, naturally, an understanding of the nature of Heartbleed only paved the way for more, increasingly frantic, questions. As a non-health care, minimal-impact internet user, I was concerned. Does this truly affect me? In what way(s)? Is my phone safe? (What do you mean, “No?”) What can I do to protect against a problem like Heartbleed?

Fortunately for users like me, the author of the heartbleed bug test site, 19-year-old Filippo Valsorda, conducted an AMA on Reddit Tuesday evening. In his comments, Valsorda provides three quick tips to the average internet user concerned with defending her/himself from Heartbleed:

  • Install the Chromebleed or Foxbleed browser extension and do not log into the sites that trigger an alert.

  • Think hard about all the important accounts you have, and change the passwords there (always a good thing). REMINDER: using different passwords is more important than using complex ones, write them down on paper if you need!

  • Wait for statements by the affected websites about what might have been leaked.

In terms of external threats to your safety, it seems that most of the sites and systems affected have worked quickly to curtail any further problems. Dan O’Shea, Managing Editor at LightReading, notes that “Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks are among the latest technology companies working to address potential problems related to the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug.” And this list, compiled by a team at Mashable, examines the popular sites that were affected and provides updates on their statuses with regard to the bug. It is with great relief that I inform you that because the platform doesn’t utilize OpenSSL, users of the YM platform (which include OSHEAN) were not impacted by Heartbleed.

So what’s on the horizon, and how can the next Heartbleed be prevented? Nathanial Mott, contributing writer to PandoDaily, has some interesting thoughts. Mott proposes that Heartbleed represented a “digital version of the bystander effect…[t]his is like that, except it threatens the foundation of online security, and the crowd is so massive that it’s amazing that anyone even bothered to look for the Heartbleed bug in the first place.” It won’t be easy, but now come the long-overdue repair efforts, and hopefully more updates as things progress.

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Actifio/NaviSite/OSHEAN – Disaster Recovery Puzzle Completed at Bryant University

Posted By Linsey J. Morse, Friday, March 14, 2014

"Actifio had a whole new way of doing things, it was designed from the ground up for the virtual environment." 

Business continuity, data replication, security and disaster recovery can be complex topics.  In our fast paced world of technology innovation our OSHEAN members can be faced with costly investments and challenging technical implementations.  To that end, Bryant University has recently implemented a highly innovative approach utilizing Actifio’s Copy Data Storage solution over OSHEAN’s Beacon 2.0 fiber network to NaviSite, OSHEAN’s cloud partner.
Rich Siedzik is Bryant University’s director of computer and telecommunications.  After examining the progression of Bryant’s data center, compute, storage, systems and servers, he noticed that the university’s backup architecture was stagnant.

“We started looking around, and we found a company called Actifio,” said Siedzik, “Actifio had a whole new way of doing things, it was designed from the ground up for the virtual environment.”

Siedzik called Actifio the “complete solution”.  Previously the process of backing up data would go through many point solutions.  Now with Actifio, components such as, snapshots, disaster recovery, business continuity, data migration, and many other critical functions are all under one umbrella.

"Operating the Actifio solution from NaviSite enables institutions like Bryant University to efficiently and effectively replicate data to offsite storage for disaster recovery purposes” said Jonathan Domen, OSHEAN’s Senior Network Architect.  “Utilizing the OSHEAN Beacon 2.0 Network allows this connection to occur securely with high performance and reliability in a virtual private network setting.

With this new solution, Bryant has modernized their backup architecture with reduced complexity, increased security, increased operational efficiency and overall cost containment.

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VMware Training - Sign Up Today!

Posted By Nimota Garcia, Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Recently, OSHEAN hosted two VMware training courses presented by a VMware-certified training company: View and vSphere. These courses provide in-depth lectures, hands-on labs, and prepare students to sit for VMware Certified Professional exams. Please note, all training sessions are taught by VMware Authorized experts from Global Knowledge, a VMWare authorized training partner.

Since there has been enough interest in the classes, we would like to offer it again this year for members. We are requiring a minimum of 8 seats total in order for the on-site class to be cost effective. The exact price will depend on the total number of seats, but see below for the estimated price, along with the course description and typical VMware list price. All classes will take place at OSHEAN, North Kingstown, RI. Coffee and Lunch will be provided for all days.

VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.5]
Length: 5 day Course
Course Description: Serves as prerequisite to VMware Certification Professional 5 Exam
VMware List Price: $3,800 per seat
Expected Price: $3,475 per seat (8ppl), $3,050 per seat (12ppl)

VMware View: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.2]
Length: 4 day Course
Course Description:
VMware List Price: $3,200 per seat
Expected Price: $2,790 per seat (8ppl), $2,425 per seat (12ppl)

If you are interested in attending, or would like to send anyone from your organization, to any of the above classes, please forward Nimota Garcia ( the following information:

1. Which class you would like to attend,
2. An email detailing how many seats your organization would like to hold, in addition to that person's contact info,
3. Your preferred weeks to attend the class.

Please note, classes would not be scheduled for weeks that fall on a holiday. Also, please remember we will only be scheduling this class if we get enough registrants.  CLASS IS FOR OSHEAN MEMBERS ONLY

If you have further inquiries regarding VMware training, please contact us at

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CCIE Routing & Switching 10-Day Bootcamp - Hosted by OSHEAN

Posted By OSHEAN Tech, Tuesday, March 4, 2014

After several members approached us about Cisco training, OSHEAN has started to organize a CCIE Routing & Switching 10-day bootcamp training. Click here for list of the topics to be covered. Please review this post and let us know no later than 5:00pm on March 31 if you would like to attend.

This bootcamp is structured for 10 consecutive days (8am - 5pm) and would be held at the OSHEAN Offices in North Kingstown, RI (or nearby facility).  While the dates are not solidified at this time, we are looking to schedule this training mid-summer. Lectures are dynamic and engaging, and utilize cloud-based lab equipment.

The bootcamp instructor will be one of the three R&S instructors that INE boasts--namely, Brian Dennis (CCIE #2210), Brian McGahan (CCIE #8593), or Dave Smith (CCIE #19125). Please note that while we cannot guarantee which of these three, well-credentialed presenters will be leading our bootcamp, we can guarantee it will be one of those three. Each instructor's credentials can be found here:

In addition to the training course itself (at no extra cost) OSHEAN members will receive extras, such as:

1. 2-year subscription to all of INE’s video content online
2. CCIE R&S Lab Workbooks
3. Video class download
4. Rack tokens, which are useful to get remote practice time on real hardware either in advance of the bootcamp, or after. 

Additionally, as part of the bootcamp, 24x7 rack access will be provided to each student.

Attendees will be expected to begin working on this material at least a couple of months in advance of the bootcamp, to help bring everyone up to the same level and ensure that they gain the most practical benefit from the bootcamp.

If you are interested in attending this bootcamp, please email Nimota Garcia directly (  The price is still to be determined and will depend on the total number of attendees.  Please note that classes held will be determined solely based on the number of seats we are able to fill. Classes typically have a maximum of 32 students, so seats will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, and we cannot guarantee additional classes for the overflow unless we have enough students to schedule additional classes. 

For agenda information, please click here

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RI Community and OSHEAN Members Come Together After Burglary

Posted By Linsey J. Morse, Friday, February 7, 2014

Watch for an inside look at Sophia Academy's new facility!

Sophia Academy is a private middle school for girls specifically who have less fortunate backgrounds in the Providence area. On Friday, December 13th, thieves broke into Sophia Academy, ripping classrooms apart and making off with over $50,000 worth of electronicsas well as donated Christmas gifts. As news of this ghastly act spread, members of OSHEAN, local businesses, and the community came together, offering their support and donating money to make up for what was lost. OSHEAN member Brown University was quick to respond by generously donating $25,000 to the Academy. The outpouring of support has allowed Sophia Academy to make up for what was taken from them, and to continue with their plans to move to their new home on Presidents' Day. Elizabeth Rich, who is the schools operation manager, stated, "The influx of support has been amazing; it is heart breaking that someone would do something like this. It has had a significant impact on the progress and momentum for the school’s plan to move to our new building.”

The community’s response to the incident stands as a testament to the dedication that New Englanders, and OSHEAN members, have for technology in a learning environment. As we continue to face hurdles moving forwards, no boundaries will restrict our community from having one of the best Internet-based communication infrastructures in the country.


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Rhode Island at the Forefront of Oceanographic Exploration

Posted By Linsey J. Morse, Tuesday, January 7, 2014
Bob Ballard
The 2013 deep sea research and exploration cycle has wrapped-up. Once again Rhode Island was at the forefront of oceanographic exploration with Dr. Robert Ballard’s work at the Center of Ocean Exploration at URI, and NOAA’s Okeanos home ported at Quonset Point. OSHEAN was pleased to be a part of assisting in bringing these important scientific endeavors from the sea bottom to classrooms and labs across our region via our high speed dedicated fiber optic infrastructure. Teams from the Exploration Vessel Nautilus and the Research Vessel Endeavor examined the ecosystem-level response to oil while the Okeanos team focused on the diversity and distribution of deep-sea habitats and marine life. Research vessels generate an enormous amount of data that is fed up to a satellite then to OSHEAN’s fiber-optic network which can take a real time video of what is being done on a ship and beam it live into a classroom or lab. Our direct fiber secured line is optimized for this kind of traffic.
Check out this TED talk to learn more about Dr. Ballard and his work (or click here if your browser does not support this player):


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RI’s New High Speed, High Capacity Broadband Infrastructure is Complete!

Posted By Linsey J. Morse, Tuesday, January 7, 2014
October 25, 2013--We are pleased to announce that OSHEAN has successfully completed its $21.7M Broadband Technology Opportunity Program (BTOP) Federal Stimulus Grant. On October 25, 2013, we had the privilege to celebrate our project's completion with Senator Jack Reed, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Governor Lincoln Chafee, Congressman Jim Langevin, and Congressman David Cicilline, as well as representatives of Rhode Island and SE Massachusetts colleges, universities, major health care institutions, state and local government, libraries and schools celebrated the feat. Click here to learn more about our event!

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OSHEAN's New Home

Posted By Linsey J. Morse, Tuesday, October 29, 2013

OSHEAN's New Website!

Welcome to our new home! The design of this site will allow you to learn more about OSHEAN and what we do in an easy-to-navigate way. Please be take a moment and click the "About Us" and "Services" tabs to read about OSHEAN's mission and the many products and services that we have to offer to our members. We hope the information on this site will help answer the question "Who is OSHEAN?"
Please check back with us regularly, to follow what we've been up to throughout the year.
Notas Benes
In June of this year, we held our annual member forum at the beautiful New England Institute of Technology campus. There, OSHEAN members gathered to discuss hot technology topics and network about best practice solutions. Anyone unable to attend the event (and even those who just want to remember some of the key notes made throughout the day) should enjoy the video below.


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