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SD-WAN Services Overview

Connect Your Remote Sites with OSHEAN’s SD-WAN Solution

A true integrated solution with no additional head-end equipment needed

OSHEAN’s Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), is a technology with an IPSec foundation, built over private or shared media, such as commodity Internet, MPLS, 4G, LTE or site-to-site Wi-Fi. This flexibility of WAN medias allows organizations to reduce costs by leveraging any IP-based connection type.

The solution encompasses technologies already familiar to you and your team. OSHEAN’s SD-WAN is a suite of tools that are packaged under an easy-to-use-and-deploy interface. These tools offer many options to put together an optimum custom architecture for your organization.


The cost savings resulting from an integration of OSHEAN’s SD-WAN is a major benefit to our membership. A member has the option of having OSHEAN integrate Business Internet with our SD-WAN product for a low monthly charge. This has the added advantage of increasing data rates by replacing legacy connections for SD-WAN in some cases. 

We’ve also designed the SD-WAN offering as an extension of the Beacon 2.0 fiber network,
which makes adding an additional site seamless with a member’s existing design. OSHEAN SD-WAN is built into Beacon 2.0, which means site-to-site traffic does not go against your existing Internet subscription. This is a major advantage over alternatives in that typically you may need to think about increasing your commodity Internet subscription to account for the additional traffic.


Two designs have been standardized for connecting to the OSHEAN network. Diagram A (below) is for sites that peer through BGP (Higher Education, Healthcare, Government, etc.). Diagram B (below) is for managed core services (K12, Libraries, etc.). These are standard connections, however; design sessions are available in the event of varying requirements.

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The foundation of SD-WAN starts by connecting remote sites through commodity Internet using IPSec tunnels, which then terminate to the OSHEAN SD-WAN core.


The design for the BGP peered members continues from the OSHEAN SD-WAN core. Traffic is delivered over Beacon 2.0 and handed off at the head end.


The design for the K-12 environment continues from the OSHEAN SD-WAN core. Traffic is routed to the head-end for inter-site traffic or directly to the MNS-Core for Internet access. This design is identical to non head-end sites today. In the diagram, the dotted red line indicates site-to-site traffic and the black dotted line indicates Internet traffic.


In both designs, site-to-site SD-WAN traffic is separate from the members’ Internet subscription. This design reduces the need for additional hardware at the site head-end since it’s all being done in the OSHEAN core.

There are various ways this can be designed however, this topology is the foundation from which we can build to meet your needs. We can look at things such as dual provider, intelligent traffic routing, site-to-site traffic and routing protocols for resiliency. OSHEAN’s SD-WAN offering is typically built as a layer3 design which is the most scalable and a best practice. However, if a special need is required (e.g. file replication or DR site), we can provide layer2 services.




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