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Westerly Public Schools Defeats Threats with iBoss
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Westerly Public Schools Defeats Threats with iBoss

Threats to computer networks are ever lurking – which is exactly why organizations need robust platforms in place to protect against malware and identify suspicious activity taking place on their network. In particular, school districts face constant vulnerabilities due to the sheer number of users accessing their networks, often from unmanaged and vulnerable devices. In addition to district-owned devices, a sizable number of personal devices are also equally vulnerable.  The origins of these threats typically have roots in the multiple types of devices running various operating systems and applications.

That’s why Mark Lamson, director of technology for Westerly Public Schools and his team turned to the iBoss APT solution, or the Advanced Persistent Threat module, to take a proactive approach to monitoring for malware on their networks. APT seamlessly scans traffic for suspicious activity without introducing latency and alerts technology staff should suspected malware activity be observed.  This allows the District to effectively identify and mitigate the spread of a malware infestation before it becomes a widespread problem. The best part is the iBoss APT module operates in the background of the network, quietly isolating threats often missed anti-virus by software without intruding upon daily workflows.

How does it do this? It uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze bytes in/out, as well as the number of connections, changes in packet quantity and source/destination information to help identify compromised systems on the network.  The in-depth scanning actually adds no latency as all traffic is monitored in real time and provides complete visibility into all UDP/TCP ports.  This is particularly helpful when malware tries to masquerade as legitimate traffic (such as DHCP, DNS, etc.).

The threat of malware is well understood by industry leaders. “Today’s threat landscape is extremely advanced as motivated attackers continue to evolve their tactics to outmaneuver existing security solutions, utilizing non-standard ports and protocols for malware and data exfiltration,” said Paul Martini, CEO, iBoss Cybersecurity. “Organizations must have technology in place to mitigate loss if and when a network is compromised.”

Other components of the Westerly Public Schools iBoss APT solution include sandboxing features that can automatically intercept suspicious file downloads, securely scan them  and report back if the file posed a risk.  The sandboxing is done in the cloud, isolated from the organization’s network, so if the file is dangerous, it doesn’t have the opportunity to infiltrate the network.

Quickly dispersing threats and doing so without so much as a keystroke – that’s how Westerly Public Schools keeps its systems running safely and efficiently at all times. For more information on how your organization can benefit from an iBoss solution, contact OSHEAN today.

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