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Rhode Island’s Public Schools Save Time and Money with OSHEAN’s Managed Network Service
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Rhode Island’s Public Schools Save Time and Money with OSHEAN’s Managed Network Service

OSHEAN’s Managed Network Service is designed for members who do not wish to maintain their own router or those who prefer not to appropriate capital funds for an edge router to connect to OSHEAN services. Put simply, it makes sense: lower costs and less equipment to maintain.

For members choosing this service, OSHEAN provides an installed, monitored, and managed router at a cost effective recurring lease price. Peace of mind is also included with available 24x7 circuit monitoring and trouble resolution, a feature many members have come to rely upon.

Two of OSHEAN’s K-12 users have found numerous benefits in choosing the Managed Network Service offering for their respective communities: Paul Bzowski, Network Manager for Johnston Public Schools and Chris Porter, Assistant Manager of Information Systems for Warwick Public Schools. Bzowski notes that his time is limited, and the Managed Network Service is a huge source of relief for him when it comes to working through his list of daily tasks. “I’m basically the only person on staff overseeing technical duties,” he says. “The more services I can utilize whereby I can enlist the help of a qualified technology vendor, the better.”

With this re-alignment of technical responsibilities, Bzowski has clearly seen where key efficiencies are achieved. For instance, if he maintained the gear currently under contract with OSHEAN, he’d have to oversee procurement, maintenance, upgrades, support and monitoring.  Not to mention the costs of upgrading every three to five years out-of-pocket. With OSHEAN’s MNS, all of this is taken care of for him. And when he has a question, OSHEAN is always there to assist.


Warwick’s Porter echoes these sentiments, noting that before switching to OSHEAN’s Managed Network Service, the cost to replace routers would be the district’s burden to bear. In addition to saving thousands of dollars, he’s also avoiding sleepless nights: OSHEAN provides 24/7 monitoring in the event an outage, and oftentimes makes the necessary adjustments and fixes overnight without Porter even noticing. “They act like a team behind our team, if we need it,” says Porter.

The relationship with OSHEAN has also provided some much-needed support when it comes time to request more bandwidth, a time-consuming task that previously fell on Porter and his team to both monitor and create custom reports to document the uptick in usage. With the Managed Network Service, Porter effectively has a third-party validating increases in demand and creating the necessary reports with plenty of supporting evidence that different sites are running at max efficiency.

“They monitor the line speeds and what gets used,” Porter says. “By keeping up to speed on our usage, it’s one less thing for me to worry about.”


From monitoring network performance to offloading the cost of on-premise upgrades, the OSHEAN Managed Network Service exists to assist OSHEAN members in any industry. For more information, click here

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