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OSHEAN / Nalari Health Member Story
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OSHEAN Supports Nalari Health’s Mission to Improve the Delivery of Health Care through Advanced Telemedicine

Nalari Health was founded in 2010 with the overall mission to provide better patient outcomes through the use of online health care, especially to high-risk patients such as those with developmental disabilities living in group home situations. Based in Providence, the company’s solution for improving health care delivery is currently live in approximately a dozen group homes, and growing.

Dedicated to providing meaningful, secure clinical encounters, Nalari Health delivers a first-class health care experience that connects the best people, processes and technology – for every patient, wherever and whenever treatment is needed. Nalari Health’s system connects physicians and other medical specialists to patients and their caregivers via online videoconferences. This unique approach incorporates biometric devices, clinical EMRs, and other technology to enable medical professionals to diagnose and initiate treatment without requiring the patient to visit the emergency room or the doctor’s office, and has the potential to significantly reduce costs while simultaneously improving the quality of care and patient experience.

“High-risk patients often have complex medical conditions that may make it complicated to transport them from their environment at times,” explains Mark Treat, Nalari Health’s President and CEO. “Our secure telemedicine service allows patients and their caregivers to interact both visually and verbally with a network of interdisciplinary health care specialists without waiting weeks for an appointment or going to the emergency room, which is often an expensive way to receive health care.”

With Nalari Health, the patient and caregiver can consult with specialists such as neurologists, cardiologists or pulmonologists without delay, so they get the right care, at the location of the patient at the moment of need. Additionally, working as part of the Nalari Health network provides numerous benefits to health care providers.

“Our online health care system provides physicians better access to their patients to closely monitor their progress,” Treat explains. “In addition, they can practice medicine from virtually anywhere, so they don’t have to spend endless hours in the office. We believe health care providers who aren’t under as much work-related stress are able to provide better care.”

OSHEAN’s Beacon 2.0 Network Provides the Optimal Network Infrastructure Solution for the Delivery of Nalari Health’s Advanced Telemedicine Services

Reliable, high-definition videoconferencing is a must-have to provide this type of sophisticated online health care capability. To accomplish this, Nalari Health relies on OSHEAN’s world-class Beacon 2.0 fiber network as a critical component of its service delivery.

“We offer a very high-quality telemedicine experience,” Treat notes. “Doctors often need to be able to see both the patient and the caregiver at the same time, with an uninterrupted and crystal clear picture. OSHEAN’s lightning-fast Beacon 2.0 fiber network offers us the required network infrastructure to support the superior HD video capability needed.”

In addition to high quality video, Nalari Health wanted affordable products for their clients and health care professionals.

“Group homes often don’t have a lot of financial resources, and the affordable high speed, high bandwidth connection that OSHEAN provides makes all the difference in being able to provide access to quality care,” says Treat. “OSHEAN also provides excellent technical service to us. At Nalari, we believe people with developmental disabilities deserve better care, and OSHEAN is helping us achieve that goal.”

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