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Virtual Private Cloud
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What's all the buzz about the cloud?

All Roads To The Cloud Are Not Created Equal

The public internet is often referred to as the information super highway. All too often, this public "highway” becomes congested - resulting in unwanted download and upload delays. OSHEAN recognizes a complete cloud solution greatly depends on the wide area network path your cloud-bound data travels. To that end, OSHEAN built a private, high-speed road to a world-class cloud infrastructure supported by NaviSite. This dedicated and trusted route offers OSHEAN Members unprecedented performance and predictability that cannot be achieved by public cloud service providers...

Cloud Services are transforming the way IT departments traditionally deploy and manage applications and services. The need to purchase and maintain application specific servers, dedicated desktop computers and onsite file storage systems can now be phased out by pay as you go services.

Cloud based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is an enabler to the creation of cost effective and easily scalable IT solutions; whereas, the complexities and expenses of purchasing and managing the underlying hardware are outsourced to the Cloud provider.

To see and learn more about OSHEAN's VPC DaaS powered by Navisite, click HERE

To see and learn more about OSHEAN's VPC Director powered by Navisite, click HERE


Why organizations leverage the Cloud

IT Agility: Rapid deployment of new services and adapting quickly to market conditions are the goals. By unshackling IT from the worries of procuring new hardware, maintaining uptime, power provisioning, bandwidth, cooling, etc. enables organizations to focus on implementing the applications that provide direct business results.

Disaster Recover & Business Continuity: In the event of a major disaster, off-site file backup and on-demand compute resources can greatly improve an organization’s recovery time objectives (RTO). Backing up to the Cloud offers a feasible and secure solution to archive important files and computer images (ISO, VMDK, etc.) needed to rehydrate or repair corrupt or damaged systems. In addition, the cloud provides options for on-demand compute resources needed when restoration of a production system requires more time than the organization can afford.

Free up CapEX: Building, or expanding a data center requires upfront capital dollars and on-going maintenance fees. The Cloud, offers the same resources, but with a "pay as you go” - utility based billing model.

Virtualizing Legacy x86 Applications: Maintaining legacy x86 applications and dedicated hardware can be time consuming and risky. x86 systems continue to serve an important enterprise role, but when the hardware platform, or operating system (OS), comes to "end of life” the risks of failure increase. The added risk(s) are commonly offset by increased maintenance schedules. Migrating legacy environments to the cloud, provides organizations with a feasible IT-business strategy to extend the use of these important x86 business tools.






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